Guns, Massacres and Your Rights


A photo from the Denver Post shows blood, the shooters AR-15 rifle, his car as well as ATF and FBI agents.

To me it seems completely illogical to believe that banning guns will stop massacres from taking place. Instead of the usual kneejerk reaction to a shooting why don’t we try something a little more substantial? Trying something like improving the health care for the citizens of this country in order to help control the crazy people so that we don’t have “loners” lurking around waiting to kill seems like a good idea to me. We must remember that it isn’t the instrument used that causes the person to kill but it is the person who places his finger on the trigger. It’s not healthy to think that killing a lot of people is fun yet these people are out there living life while planning to take yours away. The signs are not always there but many times they are.

Yes it is true that guns are often the easiest way to implement mass causalities in a civilian environment but we must also remember that banning guns outright wouldn’t prevent criminals from getting firearms. The best example is our neighbor to the South; Mexico. In Mexico guns are strictly controlled, they only have one gun store and it’s on an Army base yet thousands of illegal guns (yes many from the US) are able to be obtained. You can’t seriously believe that banning guns will prevent a criminal who is dedicated to killing from finding a gun or multiple guns; do you?

Also why do people go right to banning guns? Is it the 24/7 media heavy focus on the “all black” guns that are used? Mind you that they do not come in many other colors. Guns are not only constitutionally protected but the right to own one was reinforced by the Supreme Court of the United States. Guns are here to stay in one fashion or another so why don’t we look at what the real problem (other than the people) is? The background check system is run by the FBI but it doesn’t take very long and it doesn’t include a lot of information that would keep a lot of “mass shooters” from buying their guns. Yes some people will claim that it is unconstitutional but what gun lovers like I need to realize is that gun rights will be eroded by people who continue to slip through the cracks. Those cracks need to be filled in order to keep citizens safe and to ensure a law abiding citizen can still buy guns that have so many more uses than just killing people.

I hate seeing these shootings but it’s also so difficult to see people fight over “guns” and guns only. The real problems are bigger than firearms, or the magazine a weapon uses or a bayonet lug. People need to critically think about these issues rather than saying “lets ban guns” because that does nothing but make people on both sides dig in and shoot down any proposal that is actually worth looking at. And out of curiosity if you feel guns are to blame for these shootings then should we ban alcohol and cigarettes because those kill far more than guns? Should we ban Q-tips because a few people go deaf each year from putting them into their ear canals? Should we ban vending machines because more people are killed each year from falling snack dispensers than shark attacks?

I live in Texas and I do own guns but at the same time I think that the background check system is a little out of whack. If you look into it you can see that people have been denied due to glitches so I would assume that some have been approved due to a glitch however that cannot be confirmed. Needless to say that is a huge problem and it is one that should be addressed in place of the medias desire and possibly even your desire to ban firearms outright.

The saying “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is essentially true. I own a gun and it hasn’t killed anyone but maybe its waiting for me to turn my back? Violent crimes in general will not stop unless we overhaul this country; this country’s healthcare system and the system that lets people buy restricted items such as firearms. Guns are a part of America, guns allowed us to revolt and guns allow the average Joe to defend themselves from a psycho. Guns are both good and bad, it just depends on whose hands they are in and sadly today they were in the wrong hands.

I’d also like to point out that Americans seem to be willingly oblivious to the taking of Constitutional rights these days,

  • You can be held without a trial forever
  • Imprisoned by the military
  • Assassinated abroad without a trial
  • Forced to turn over the password to your devices at the airport (and in court)
  • Fondled at the airport
  • Have your phone calls, texts and web data obtained without a warrant
  • Lose your right to own guns due to any police investigation
  • You have no right to privacy according to the courts if you use Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
  • And a whole hell of a lot more

but when someone shoots someone people are willing to give another away without any serious thought.

This was the killer

This was not


Picture source: Denver Post

Author: James

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  • Cora

    This is an amazing article. And the lost of rights horrible. Sidenote – using "cannot be confirmed" though refreshingly honest – you'll never work at cnn. And I agree it is probability a safe and scary assumption. Damn – so many great points.

    • James

      If I were to ever work for CNN it would mean that they sliced my balls off. Thank you for your comment!