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**Authors Note** As I was writing this post I got an email from News360 letting me know that they now have a new version of the app for iPad with others to roll out soon. This review covers the previous version but will be updated to include the new version as soon as I have some time to test it out.

Cellphones have transformed the way that we get a variety of information but the industry most affected by the internet seems to be news organizations. Newspapers are dying left and right and it’s because every type of news even down to your small town paper is available with just a quick tap of your thumbs. I get most of my news through my phone or my iPad and it seems the only time I’ll look elsewhere is when I’m looking for something specific that I know is on another platform such as TV or my local newspaper. There are thousands of news and RSS readers out there that offer the best and most content for news information but none of them compare to News360 not even the CNN app comes close.

When it comes to getting news on my phone I am not always necessarily looking for tons of information jammed onto my 4.3 inch screen as I’d rather see a streamlined and clean looking interface. I also look for photos because those along with the headline make me want to read the article. I find that an app that provides news without a picture on the initial screen just doesn’t get me to read and so I’ll move on or switch to another app for that story. If you like just looking at pictures for your articles they have a tab for that as well. News360 provides a very clean interface and they feature images/articles in a scrollable manner that anyone with a touch screen can figure out in about 2 seconds. One of the best options News360 provides is cross application synching, all you need is a user account and you can get all of your saved articles and tailored news to your computer, tablet or phone.

The negative

If there is one thing that is constantly bugging me about this app it is that when I am scrolling between articles it seems to screw up and launches me into an article I didn’t click on. This takes place when I’m multiple articles off the first one and am trying to get back or vis-à-vis and it seriously drives me nuts. It makes me feel like it’s done on purpose to drive up visits to sponsors or something although I can’t confirm that and this could just be an excuse for my rather large thumbs. That issue is present on both Android and iOS and the only version of iOS I haven’t had that issue with is on the iPad but then again it’s easier to swipe on a much larger screen.

One of the other things that I think needs reworked is the area for saved articles. Saving an article is easy as a little plus sign is on every article however finding them after you’ve saved them is a tad more difficult (on iOS for iPad) because there is no prominent area to access them. In reality it is not that hard to find once you look around because it’s at the top and is a similarly shaped plus sign however I thought it would be located in the sidebar where all of the other news categories are located and where it is located on Android. It is something that takes some getting used to and I find myself sending articles via email to myself rather than saving them.

Some other key features

  • Can rotate horizontally for wider reading
  • Multiple source options contained within the article. Sources are above the article.
  • Ability to read the article in a reader format or on the web, again right from the article.
  • Local news based on location.
  • On Android the built in share function is available so sharing across multiple apps is incredibly easy.
  • The interface and logo are very suitable to high resolution screens.


This is my go to app for news so much so that it is positioned in such a manner that my right thumb can tap it right away as I get to my “news page”. It’s an app that I enjoy not only because it provides up to date news but because it does so in a way that makes me want to read the articles. The ability to pick multiple sources for one article is fantastic and it makes finding news for blog posts incredibly fast. We there you’re using the mobile version or going to their website you just can’t go wrong. Did I mention that there are no ads? That alone makes it about 1000x better than going to the Huffington Post.




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