Ten Realities About China that Could Impact the World


We all know that China accounts for the vast majority of pirating and counterfeiting of goods in the world – no surprise there but what may surprise many of us are the sheer numbers behind the country.

Horrifying Growth

The growth is astonishing but is happening so fast that cities like the one seen above are nearly abandoned. The city above was supposed to be Kangbashi, China.

According to Mckinsey, a leading analytical firm, by 2025 China will have built ten new cities each the size of New York to house its exploding urban population. That includes over five million buildings.

Skip forward an additional five years to 2030 and the added Chinese population of urban dwellers will actually equal the entire population of the United States.

Resources Gone Wild

Right now China basically is the worldwide steel market. The country uses so much steel that they essentially set the prices based on supply and demand. It’s going to get worse! In 2008 China used four times the amount of steel as the U.S and just two years later in 2010 they required 6.5 times more steel than the U.S. According to Posco Steel this phenomenal need is going to grow at a rate that simply cannot be satisfied.

Right now in 2012 Americans are the number one user of oil in the world but if the analysts at Mckinsey are right China will one day eclipse the U.S. demands on oil. In fact analysts from the Brookings Institute believe that China very well might one day reach the same alarming levels of oil consumption per person as is currently experienced in the U.S. What will that mean for global supply? Well in order to compensate for Chinese oil consumption the world would require seven more Saudi Arabias to meet global demand.

Human Rights Run Amok

We all know that China is run by an oppressive Communist government and if we believed everything the Chinese media says we would think the country is doing fairly well and the people are rather accepting of their political situation. Luckily we know not to believe the media! In fact China averages around 274 protests every single day – that’s over 100,000 protests each year that the government squashes and silences with disturbing expertise.

We all know that China executes three times as many people each year as every other nation combined but what most don’t know is how remarkably efficient the executions actually are now. With over 6,000 executions a year the Chinese government needed a more practical killing method so they created mobile execution vehicles. The condemned enter the van and are injected with poison. Amusingly enough the head of the company who supplies the mobile execution vehicles, Jinguan Automobile, recently commented that the use of these vehicles is proof positive that China “promotes human rights now.”

Socialization Western Style

The Chinese population is going online in droves and that is not sitting well with the government so much so that the Communist party employs over 30,000 online police who monitor and remove any negative comments about the government and its leadership oftentimes within less than a minute after the comment is posted. China is expected to have to add another 10,000 online police officers within the next 12 months just to keep up with the forums and online chatter.

The Chinese people are already outpacing Americans in many online activities. Chinese users are five times more likely to have a blog than an American. They are three times more likely to listen to online music and play online games and are twice as likely to take part actively in online forums.

Religion meets Evolution

Most countries in the world don’t struggle with the theory of evolution like the U.S. In fact only a handful of countries struggle with evolution including Russia (48%), USA (42%), South Africa (41%) and Egypt (25%). Now personally I’d rather not have the USA grouped in with those countries but facts are facts. Most Chinese believe firmly in evolution but are also part of the growing Christian movement that has been taking over China quietly for years.

The Vatican has taken note of the estimated 60 million Christians in China and is now trying to become more active in the country to address the needs of the exploding new Christian donors. The Holy See are instructing new clergy to learn Chinese and are even giving lessons on Chinese culture. Wonder if we’ll ever see a Chinese Pope?


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