About Me

Hello and welcome to My Bloggity Blog. I’ve been blogging for what seems like forever but it has been almost two very fun filled years. I focus my articles on things that I either love or hate. Things that push or pull me in one direction that I need an outlet for. That is how My Bloggity Blog started; I needed an outlet for things that irritated me. I never was the type of person to get irritated enough to write about something let alone compile an entire blog about these subjects but once I got started I just couldn’t stop. I’m located in the United States but I try to cover a vast array of subjects that affect both my corner of the world as well as yours.

I have been called a lot of things over the years and the only label that seems to stick is open minded. I’ll listen if you present your argument intelligently. On the political front I’m labeled by many as a Constitutionalist however I don’t care for any particular title so you will see in my posts that I swing both ways as far as party lines (Democrat and Republican) are concerned. I will jump ship if I don’t agree with the politics. Politics is a tricky business as you’re always going to offend someone and that is why I always come back to the Constitution. It’s the one thing that a majority of people can believe in and I often times see our politicians and representatives stepping all over it.

I encourage a healthy debate here as it’s intriguing to see what others think about a particular subject that has fired me up. I try my best to make this site as friendly as possible so that everyone can learn something and do so easily. The best part about Bloggity is there are no ads blocking or impeding the view of content. Unlike the New York Times where you have to cut through ads and lots of filler information you can always come here and find no B.S. and just the information you need to know.

I would appreciate if you’d comment on my articles with whatever you have to say about them so that I know what I’m doing right or what I’m failing miserably at. Constructive criticism has helped make this blog what it is today and your comments can shape its future. Thank you for reading this boring about me section. I do appreciate it.

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